Staff first, customers second, shareholders third

Thursday 10th January 2019

Staff first, customers second, shareholders third

Thursday 10th January 2019
Written by Steve Roxby

Sir Richard Branson lives by the credo of “Put your staff first, your customers second and your shareholders third.” Like everything Branson, an interesting proposition, but what, how and when?

I believe that team and customer cultures are set by the business founders and slowly evolved by each generation.

The key to polishing a quality team and customer culture is continuing to listen to the constructive feedback from your team and customers.

A great listening tool is one of the numerous on-line survey offerings. Whilst long winded surveys can be very frustrating, a succinct survey to assess the key issues of the staff and customer satisfaction can be a very powerful strategy designed to ensure your business keeps in touch with the key stakeholders.

Listen to your staff, listen to your customers, develop, and implement strategies to address the feedback and then COMMUNICATE the actions adopted from the feedback.

The energy created by demonstrating that employees and customers are heard and appreciated is powerful.

The anonymity of such on-line survey tools, is an important feature of the satisfaction measurement.

At a recent meeting with a client, the response was that “we already have annual performance reviews where employees can provide this type of satisfaction feedback!” Yeah right!

The anonymity of the on-line offering will ensure you get the “warts and all” honesty not just the sugar-coated version. As a business owner, or manager, you need the honest version.

Employee questions around morale, culture, technology, remuneration, career progression opportunities, continual education and others should be asked, recorded, measured, AND compared regularly. (say 6-12 months)

Customer questions about quality of product or service, timeliness of delivery, the “cost v’s value” question and suggestions for improvement are similarly crucial to ensure your products and services are maintaining their relevance in times of rapid change and enhancement.

Some examples of the on-line survey tools include – Survey Monkey, SurveyGizmo, Checkbox Survey, Zoho Survey, to name a few.

If you would like assistance to build a satisfactions survey of your own for staff or customers give your Maxim Adviser a call and we can help step your through the easy process.

Written by Director, Chris Sneddon