What to expect when working with Maxim?

Monday 4th July 2022

What to expect when working with Maxim?

Monday 4th July 2022
Written by Scott Brooks

Maxim has had a clear concept that underpins everything we do: create an experience of support, understanding and genuine advice for clients who need more than just their taxes done. 

When you come on as a Maxim client, there are unique points of difference you will notice in not just our services, but in how we apply them. 

We are built on our relationships

We would not be where we are today without the relationships we have forged, built on and nurtured over the years with our clients and our referral network. These relationships have significantly impacted our ability to stretch ourselves beyond just an accounting service, and instead be able to successfully venture into financial analysis, business advisory and a personal mentoring position we’re passionate about and proud of. 

Our core belief is that we can’t help a business until we understand the business owner(s) and what they want. This means: understanding who you are, what values you hold close both personally and professionally, what makes you tick and what you’re really trying to achieve. And no one can demand that information; it’s only found out through building trusting, transparent relationships with clients.

Going the extra mile

Of course, we have a range of key services:

  • Accounting

  • Taxation

  • Financial Management

  • Forecasting

However, when you work with Maxim, you can expect to get a lot more than just a narrow service offering, for example:

  • Analysis of financial results (beyond the numbers - performance monitoring)

  • Business structuring

  • Specialised tax advice 

  • Advisory board attendance/facilitation

  • Succession planning 

Through our mentoring focus, we are able to assist with many facets of guidance and advice for your business, holistically. This includes bespoke recommendations to help your business thrive, navigating you to experts who can help improve you and your business. Our key focus normally revolves around people, including staff retention and satisfaction, your own satisfaction with work, cultural improvements and even general health assistance (we have a broad, highly skilled network). 

When you leave the Maxim building, we want you to feel as though you have gained a valuable experience, as we always feel we have when we meet with clients. Everyone departs with more knowledge and confidence than when they arrived, feeling heard and on a clearer path of solutions to their issues and challenges. 

Monitoring for success and identifying potential hurdles

We undertake traditional compliance and accounting requirements, but with our focus on business advisory, we prioritise significant monitoring of business performance, profitability in objectives and cashflow. By assisting you with in-depth monitoring, and mentoring you through the analysis of the findings, you are better positioned to make decisions about your business, with adverse-risk avoidance, sustainability and future successes top of mind.

What we offer is absolute, holistic value. You feeling valued, heard and on a path of personal happiness and professional fulfilment, whatever that looks like, is our marker of success.